Congressional Testimony


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(credit for this vital information awards to Biotech Laboratories)

Written Testimony of William D. Moeller

President, American Biotech Laboratories

80 West Canyon Crest Road

Alpine, Utah 84004

Presented to Members of The House International Relations Committee Subcommittee on Africa, Global Human Rights, and International Operations

April 26,2005

Our products have surprised many experts in the medical and science worlds because of their ability to combat bacteria, yeast, and viruses. ABL products have been proven to destroy anthrax spores and bubonic plague bacteria on surfaces, to eliminate the malaria parasite in humans and a host of other beneficial results.

In the public’s interest this link (congressional testimony) and the pages attached to this posting brings to your attention the solution to Ebola, Dengue Fever and an almost endless list of beneficial attributes an astounding virus and bacteria killer, has not been brought to bear when it has proven to be well suited to end not only present Global health threats, but would have prevented many since 2005.

Millions of deaths have been unjustifiable when you know ranging from a sore throat to Anthrax, including Bubonic Plague, there has been known even to Congress a weapon to kill the viruses, bacteria, and yeasts that have taken so many innocent lives.

In the interest and for further protection of the lives of innocent babies and young children, I, Nicasio Martinez, known as the Dengue_Warrior present even unclassified document sources before the World.

Below this, is a list of what Silver Sol 10 PPM is known to kill,  viruses or bacteria agents as testified before Congress:

Disease Pathogen Effective Concentrations


Boils Staphylococcus aureus Killed @ 5 ppm

Osteomyelitis “ Killed @ “

Bacillary Dysentery Shigella boydii Killed @ 2.5 ppm

Burn Infections Pseudomonas aeruginosa Killed @ 5 “

Dental Plague Streptococcus mutans Killed @ 5 “

Diarrhea (Bloody) Shigella boydii Killed @ 2.5 “

Ear Infection Haemophilus influenzae Killed @ 1.25 “

Ear Infection Streptococcus pneumonie Killed @ 2.5 “

Enteric Fever Salmonella tyhimurium Killed @ 2.5 “

Epiglottitis (In Children) Haemophilus influenzae Killed @ 5 ppm

Eye Infections Staphylococcus aureus Killed @ “ “

Corneal Ulcers-Keratitls Pseudomonas aerug

Food Poisoning Salmonella arizona Killed @ “ “

Endocarditis Streptococcus faecalis Killed @ 2.5 ppm

Meningitis Haemophilus influenzae Killed @ 1.25”

Meningitis Enterobacter aerogenes Killed @ 2.5 “

Meningitis Pseudomonas aeruginosa Killed @ 5 “

Nosocomial Infections Klebsiella pneumoniae Killed @ 2.5 “

Nosocomial Infections Pseudomonas aeruginosa Kiilled @ 5 “

Nosocomial infections Streptococcus pyogenes Killed @ 1.25”

Pneumonia Staphylococcus aureus Killed @ 5ppm

Pneumonia Haemophilus infuenzae Killed @ 1.25”

Pneumonia Pseudomonas aeruginosa Killed @ 5 “

Pneumonia Streptococcus pneumonie Killed @ 2.5 “

Respiratory Tract Infections Streptococcus pyogenes Killed @ 1.25”

Respiratory Tract Infections E. coli Killed @ 2.5 “

Respiratory Tract Infections Klebsiella pneumoniae Killed @ “ “

Scarlet Fever Streptococcus pyogenes Killed @ 1.25ppm

Septice mia Enterobacter aerpyogenes Killed @ 2.5 “

Sinus Infections Haemophilus influenzae Killed @ 1.5 “

Impetigo Staphylococcus aureus Killed @ 1.25”

Skin Infections Staphylococcus aureus Killed @ 5 “

Skin Infections Streptococcus pyogenes Killed @ 1.25”

Strep Throat Streptococcus pyogenes Killed @ “ “

Suppurative Arthritis Haemophilus Influenzae Killed @ 1.25”

Throat Infections Haemophilus influenzae Killed @ “ ppm

Tooth Decay Streptococcus mutans Killed @ 5 “

Urethritis (Men) Trichomonas vaginalis Killed @ 10 “

Urinary Tract Infections E. Coli Killed @ 2.25”

Urinary Tract Infections Klebsiella pneumoniae Killed @ “ “

Urinary Tract Infections Pseudomonas aeruginosa Killed @ 5 “

Urinary Tract Infections Streptococcus faecalis Killed @ 2.25ppm

Urinary Tract Infections Enterobacter aerpyogenes Killed @ “ “

Vagi”nitis (Women) Trichomonas vaginalis Killed @ 10”

Wound Infections Escherichnia coli Killed @ 2.5 “

Wound Infections Enterobacter aerpyogenes Killed @ “ “

Wound Infections Klebsiella pneumoniae Killed @ 2.5 ppm

Wound Infections Pseudomonas aeruginosa Killed @ 5 “

Wound Infections Streptococcus faecalis Killed @ 2.5 “

Yeast Infections Candida albicans Killed @ 10 “

(21 September 2018 – this is an updated posting)



For the years first time visitors have visited this site, reading all the natural remedies for dengue fever; –time to take the gloves/cloves off!


Garlic; –virus killer


If garlic has been recommended to prevent and treat the Black Plague; –”Why wouldn’t it kill flu viruses”? “Why wouldn’t garlic kill dengue viruses”?


Allicin; –does the job so well


The science of stink: What causes garlic breath?

Many of garlic’s therapeutic effect comes from its sulfur-containing compounds, such as allicin, which are also what gives it its characteristic smell
Garlic has immune-boosting properties and is beneficial for heart health, fighting cancer, warding off colds and flus, and reducing inflammation
As allicin in garlic digests in your body, it produces sulfenic acid, a compound that reacts with dangerous free radicals more effectively than any other known compound.
Black (fermented) garlic and sprouted garlic may have even more health potential than fresh garlic
To get the therapeutic benefits of garlic; –be sure to *crush the [raw] clove before you eat it; this stimulates the release of the enzyme called alliinase, which in turn catalyzes the formation of allicin (source; Mercola)

*Author’s notes:  I mince the clove/s into minute bits, just before a meal.  Eating garlic this way reduces the hot sensation while eat veggies and other foods.

At other times I mix the minute bits and a bit of honey in a mug of warm water. 

Emphasis was added to the above quoted material because of the current flu epidemic sweeping the country.


Garlic kills bubonic plague and other pathogen-based disease epidemics
Other natural substances that treat plague

Along with garlic, there are other extremely potent, natural antimicrobial substances that can be used to prevent and treat bubonic plague. Yersinis pestis is available in homeopathic form and can be used prophylactically, as well as to treat active plague. *Colloidal silver destroys bacteria and is especially helpful in treating conditions of the skin as well as when taken internally. Echinacea was used internally to cure blood poisoning, and calendula is highly effecting at fighting bacterial infections, both on the skin and internally. Other potent natural antibiotics that fight plague are oil of oregano, olive leave extract, turmeric, and manuka honey. (source: (

Author’s note: Nano Silver Solution 10 ppm is a newly developed silver product.  LifeSilver Nano Solution 10ppm website gives in depth information as to benefits to address this current health emergency.


Dengue Fever; –goes down too


Garlic organosulfur compounds reduce inflammation and oxidative stress during dengue virus infection

Dengue virus (DENV) is a mosquito-borne flavivirus that causes significant global human disease and mortality. One approach to develop treatments for DENV infection and the prevention of severe disease is through investigation of natural medicines. Inflammation plays both beneficial and harmful roles during DENV infection. Studies have proposed that the oxidative stress response may be one mechanism responsible for triggering inflammation during DENV infection. Thus, blocking the oxidative stress response could reduce inflammation and the development of severe disease. Garlic has been shown to both reduce inflammation and affect the oxidative stress response. Here, we show that the garlic active compounds diallyl disulfide (DADS), diallyl sulfide (DAS) and alliin reduced inflammation during DENV infection and show that this reduction is due to the effects on the oxidative stress response. These results suggest that garlic could be used as an alternative treatment for DENV infection and for the prevention of severe disease development. (source: (PMC US National LibraryPMC US National Library…)
Keywords: dengue virus, inflammation, oxidative stress response, alternative medicine

Additional suggested link

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Open Online Letter To Madagascar


Has the clout to kill plague

Photo locationgarlic-food-cloves

Remember; –children are always the innocent victims who suffer in ignorance of their affliction. It is especially in their behalf I address this letter to all indigent citizens, and especially appeal to those, who have the resources and authority to make known this simple preventative and (thousands of years) cure for bubonic plagues; —Garlic.

Free dispensing of antibiotics for treatment and for preventative care is a wonderful venture on the part of Madagascar government, NGOs, and all charitable agencies. But, garlic, when judiciously researched, offers a window to not only serve this current annual, August 2017 to April 2018, chain of dreadful illnesses and deaths, but will be building up the immune system of all citizens, twelve months of the year.

Garlic has been used medicinally by many cultures around the world for thousands of years. In the 1700s, gravediggers in Europe drank wine containing crushed garlic or ate fresh garlic in an effort to ward off plague. The amazing disease-fighting powers of garlic have repeatedly tested true in thousands of studies”. (Garlic kills bubonic plague and other pathogen-based disease epidemics – Natural

J Bardot;

JB Bardot is an herbalist and a classical homeopath, and has a post graduate degree in holistic nutrition. Bardot cares for both people and animals, using alternative approaches to health care and lifestyle. She writes about wellness, green living, alternative medicine, holistic nutrition, homeopathy, herbs and naturopathic medicine. You can find her at The JB Bardot Archives at and on Facebook at

It is hopeful, by you reading and sharing this Open Online Letter To Madagascar, will open the door for discussion, and show great results for 2018 September – April 2019.

Please share with others using this short-link:

Author: NM /senior1938voice

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Madagascar: Has population ‘CULLING’ been ignited?

Searching the official WHO website, for any hints, clues, and facts that would show there is something ‘NEW’ plaguing under Madagascar skies; –Nothing!  Or is it (NEW) hidden?

Searching the word ‘new’ in the WHO posting further down this page, yielded no results.

Let’s seek out any factual, hidden or in full view, or combination thereof, informa­tion that should justify moving towards hysteria, or alerted peace of mind.

When I read below, the brazen, daring, and almost certain death Title Bar and viewed the photo;
WHO: New ‘Black Death’ Has No Cure – “BILLIONS Could Die”








I almost flipped. Rapidly walked to my closest neighbor’s house and began to let it all out.

“Mumps, Dengue Fever, Ebola, Zika, whatever, were only dress rehearses! They’ve found the ideal population culling virus”!


Madagascar plague: mitigating the risk of re­gional spreading

WHO November 2017 –


Assessing risk – Days after being alerted to the plague outbreak in Madagascar, WHO conducted an assessment to determine the risk of further spread. Taking into account the country’s capacities and vulnerabilities, the assessment found that the overall risk of further spread at the national level was high, at the re­gional level was moderate, and at the global level was low.

Being ready to act, preventing panic – Plague is one of the oldest – and most feared – of all diseases. Historically, plague has been responsible for widespread pandemics with high mortality. It was known as the “Black Death” during the four­teenth century, causing more than 50 million deaths in Europe.
1Nowadays, plague is easily prevented and treated with antibiotics if detected early enough, and infection can be prevented through the use of standard precau­tions.


WHO; –now a few days in passing; –nothing ‘NEW’ here!  There is no appearance of the word ‘NEW’ in the WHO linked four page article above.

At this point, this posting ends to be followed, wherein, we will pick up the “NEW” word. There’s no intent to demean or make light of the horrific nightmare tragedy that’s being experienced by the citizens of Madagascar, and nine other surrounding countries.

What’s ‘NEW’? Are we, in this world witnessing; –What? This is a burden on my/our hearts and minds, because there may be suggestions or motives in play, that we are not privileged to be in a position to know.

Please share your comments and help us understand the grave crisis…

Read previous posting:
Dengue Fever; historical tracking of successful
“Designer Lab Killer Viruses & Plagues”

Please think who would appreciate this posting and share:

Short Link:



W e l c o m e

first time here – or returning visits

A family site dedicated to burying dengue fever; not ourselves, not our


2013 Let us reduce the duration time of suffering and death rate of innocnet children and infants.

2013 Let us reduce the duration time of suffering and death rate of innocent children and infants.

We are extremely happy you have made a visit today

The life and well-being of, adults, teens, including young children and infants, is dependent on knowing a truth the WHO & CDC deny. The truth is– There are fast acting natural remedies for dengue fever”. 


Dr. Hettige makes the case that papaya leaf extract/juice (PLX/J) may be a remedy for ebola. Dengue fever and ebola are of the same hemorrhagic family of viruses —  much more deadly. (

It has been documented that Silver Sol 10ppm (not a brand name), a newly patented colloidal solution, is a remedy that inhibits and renders the Ebola virus harmless to our bodies.

This is in no way medical advice, and should not be acted upon without consultation with a medical professional in whom you have great trust.

In my opinion, what is good for Ebola is good for dengue fever, because Silver Sol 10ppm is a known powerful therapy to fortify our own bodies immune systems to render viruses incapable of replicating to the point of developing an illness.

The link below is vital reading.  Do not press the ‘Orange Button’, that is an option you can decide to make later after you have read what has been posted.

Natural Solutions Foundation shipped donated Silver Sol 10 PPM (SS10PPM) to the government of Sierra Leone.  After successful testing it has been adopted nationally as an approved therapy for Ebola.


  Silver Info You Need – No one needs to die from Ebola.

Papaya Leaf Extract/Juice Cure (PLXC/J)

Doctor Sanath Hettige MBBS, DFM, MCGP, MD, revealed in an article published in the Sri Lankan Family Physician, 2008, 29, 17-19, his counsel and assistance to citizens, revealing his discovering a cure for dengue fever. His continuing patient friendly treatment discovery, now scientifically researched and endorsed is a papaya leaf extract cure (PLXC).

Sri Lankan Family Physician (2008 PDF 3 pages )

In Dr. Hettige own words;

Twelve patients under my clinical care and fulfilling the above inclusion criteria diagnosed as dengue fever and declining hospital admission, were given a drink of papaya leaf extract-

  • two 5ml doses at an 8 hour interval for adults and
  • two 2.5 ml doses at an 8 hour interval for children <10 years.

Before the treatment, the procedure and the possible outcomes was explained to the patient.

The papaya leaf extract was prepared by crushing

  • two (2) tender fresh papaya leaves (not too young – not too mature, using only the leafy part removing the stalks) and squeezing the juice by hand.
  • The juice was given for drinking without diluting.

Prior to the intake of papaya leaf juice, a sample of blood was obtained to determine the white cell count, platelet count, alanine aminotransferase (ALT) and packed cell volume.

A second sample of blood was obtained, the next day, to determine the white cell count, platelet count, ALT and PCV.

Tests were done using an automated system and confirmed manually. (emphasis added)

In an attempt to give his findings as a gift to the world, in the interest of preventing unjustifiable deaths attributed to dengue fever, in 2011 he wrote a letter to the editor of the British Medical Journal telling of his on hands work with dengue patients;

Dear editor: After my first published article, on the effect of Carica papaya leaf juice on dengue fever patient in Sri Lanka Family Physician – 2008, 29, 17-19 and details about this research in the independent medical association news letter of Srilanka , there was a wide publicity to these findings in the local and international media. This resulted in many patients using this simple herbal remedy on their own when they were diagnosed as having dengue fever. Many patients under my care living in and around my medical clinic (Maharagama – Sri Lanka) took this treatment on their own accord and I had the opportunity of observing the effects of Carica Papaya leaf juice on about 60 dengue positive patients which included Hospitalized patients- including 10 treated in the Medical ICU. (emphasis added)

Newspaper Articles

Recent newspaper articles published in The Times Of India, and other mass media outlets,

We are now growing five papaya trees in our gardens.

We are now growing five papaya trees in our gardens.

report findings and scientific endorsements attributed to the papaya leaf extract cure, verifying indeed PLX is a definite cure for dengue fever, even as a home treatment.

  • The Times Of India (12 September 2012)

    KOLKATA: It could be a miracle cure for dengue. And the best part is you can make it at home.

    The juice of the humble papaya leaf has been seen to arrest the destruction of platelets that has been the cause for so many deaths this dengue season. Ayurveda researchers have found that enzymes in the papaya leaf can fight a host of viral infections, not just dengue, and can help regenerate platelets and white blood cells. (emphasis added)

  • The Times Of India (20 December 2012)

    Neem-papaya juice passes dengue test

    CHENNAI: After more than 37,000 dengue cases, including 227 which resulted in death, across India, a grandma’s antidote for the virus seems to be getting scientific endorsement. A herbal concoction — juice of papaya leaf, common neem and hill neem — being given to dengue patients in government hospitals in Tamil Nadu has been found to have anti-viral properties. Tests conducted at the King Institute of Preventive Medicine found that the Siddha preparation brought down symptoms and speeded up the recovery of patients. (emphasis added)

click this link: How to make Papaya Leaf Tea/Extract


You Are Wanted & Needed

This is a family managed site. Your comments, questions, and contributions are vital in our efforts to do what the WHO & CDC has seemingly refused to do– tell the truth about fast acting natural cures for dengue fever that can become a universal home treatment.

Alert– for accredited scientific studies and research by institutions and individuals, clicking on the following link is a must—

'Young papaya leaves taken from the plant before it becomes a tree, have a significantly higher amount of alkaloids.

‘Young papaya leaves taken from the plant before it becomes a tree, have a significantly higher amount of alkaloids.

Truth is a gem you have to search out, deeply and far beyond readily available institutions that assail your ears, eyes, thoughts, feelings, and emotions.

Webmaster – Nicasio Martinez, sitting at nearby Skip’s Beach Resort on a Sunday afternoon

A life saving alert:

If you live in the Philippines, as I do, or in any tropical region in Asia where Papaya Trees grow, you need to click this link and learn a viable home cure for dengue fever today!!

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Camote|Sweet Potato Tea

Camote | Sweet Potato Tea

Camote Tea <—– link


Sweet potato in our region of the Philippines is named camote. When you read camote anywhere at this blog, it is interchangeable with sweet potato. You will find the name camote linked to information related to the healing of dengue fever because it is one of the natural dengue cures known in these islands.

It is our families first cure of choice. We make reference to my wife’s teen son’s experience in several posting I hope you will decide to read.

Best reference to date

  • Among all the other plants, research studies have shown that Camote tops may be used as a remedy to Dengue fever. It is said to help increase platelet counts that would help recover from Dengue. Camote tops can also be used to treat other diseases or sicknesses like diabetes, heart disease, cancer particularly colon and stomach cancer, problems on bowel movement and high blood pressure.

The author’s apparent over enthusiastic endorsement of camote tea are both understandable and commendable, but personally, papaya leaf extract (PLX), all things considered, when available, is probably the most potent option when one has contracted dengue fever. But not to subtract anything from CT, in providing rapid response to dengue fever, the performance of CT should be seen as almost identical as that of identical twins.

Learning how healthy sweet potatoes are


    • How sweet it is for your health to eat sweet potatoes! Not only do they taste like dessert, but they provide some surprising health benefits. Many people think about sweet potatoes as being nothing more than plain old potatoes that can tweak our taste buds with some extra flavor. Yet cutting-edge research on sweet potatoes tells us that nothing could be further from the truth as they have so many unique nutritional benefits to offer!

  • One difficulty in describing the health benefits of sweet potatoes is knowing where to begin. There are a surprising number of nutrient categories responsible for the health benefits of this under-appreciated tuber. Among these categories are antioxidants, anti-inflammatory nutrients, and blood sugar-regulating nutrients. Each category brings with it valuable health benefits.

    Advocating the findings of Doctor Sanath Hettige

    About PLXC-CTC Dengue Remedies

    A life saving alert:

    If you live in the Philippines, as I do, or in any tropical region in Asia where Papaya Trees grow, you need to click this link and learn a viable home cure for dengue fever today!!

    Truth is a gem you have to search out, deeply and far beyond readily available institutions that assail your ears, eyes, thoughts, feelings, and emotions.

(note: originally posted as a ‘Page’ moved on 22 September 2018)

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Hollywood is for actors; not gov’t ‘acting’

Here we go again another non-politician running for an office this time it’s for the governor’s office and this time it’s Sex in the City’s very own Cynthia Nixon AKA Miranda. I am getting sick and tired of seeing celebrities running for office who has no experience in politics the last time we had this […]

via Hollywood for Governor. — bigdave1583’s Blog

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Alabama flu epidemic; –Can you handle the truth?

If for a moment, you believe flu injections protect you from these seasonal, convenient profit making illnesses; Can you handle the truth!

The selling of sickness

We won’t stop being sick until we stop making ourselves sick. Because there is a point where even the most universal government health program can’t help you. They can’t outlaw unhealthy food, or alcohol, or cigarettes. Just pot, sadly. Because, you see, the government is not your nanny; they’re your dealer. And they’ve subsidized illness in this country. They have to, there’s too much money in it. You see, there’s no money in healthy people, and there’s no money in dead people. The money is in the middle: people who are alive, sort of, but with one or more chronic conditions that puts them in need of Celebrex, or Nasinex, or Valtrex, or Lunesta. Fifty years ago, children didn’t even get Type-2 diabetes. Now it’s an emerging epidemic, as are a long list of ailments that used to be rare, and have now been…mainstreamed. Things like asthma, and autism, and acid reflux, and arthritis, allergies, adult acne, attention deficit disorder. And that’s just the A’s. Doesn’t anybody wonder why we live with all this illness?” –Bill Maher  []

My personal testimony

People who have supposedly incurable and marginally life-threatening diseases are given doctor prescriptions to become ‘Life-time Subscribers’ for medications that at best tone down obvious illness for a period of time. When symptoms pick up and increase again, or new ones, adjustments are made in the prescribed drugs, or new ones issued; –the latest new found miracle. Why have we not noticed, most serious drugs are not advertised to be cures.

There are cures and preventative vegetation, including weeds, growing in many home gardens.

Do you not think for a moment, eating raw garlic with your meals could serve as a preventative measure to stave off flu?

There is much in this blog about dengue fever cures, no need to address that topic in this posting.

Search and find the one thing that you believe will be best for your health needs and get into knowing natural medicine is outdistancing ‘killer’ meds.

Always check with a health care professional before making any changes if you are under a doctors care.

Sent this as an email to family & friends

The Alabama Flu season and deaths as read in the news media makes it imperative that I share this health suggestion that I’ve shared with family members in the past; –‘Silver Solution 10ppm; –‘Silver Solution’ is a brand name; –10ppm is the key, not a higher concentration. The minuteness works best with the bodies immune system. I’ve been aware of this for years. These ‘designer’ viruses is coming out of labs purposely….

You can get SS 10ppm at GNC stores or order online.  Remember 10ppm is the one to get, it works best with the immune system.

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Testing Post No. 2

Having posting conflicts…

Posting this test from Admin, Add Posts…

Clicking Preview, now

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Madagascar: Is there a ‘NEW’ strain of bubonic plague?

Series II

The seasonal Madagascar bubonic plague (September to April), arrived one month early (August), to the poverty stricken island nation of Madagascar, one of the poorest countries in the world.

A vast number of citizens exist on an income of $2.00 a day. For obvious reasons, examinations, treatments, and prophylactic antibiotics are all administered and dispensed free.

When pneumonic plague is suspected, a test giving rapid results is given. There is only a 24 hour window to attempt to save a patients life from this fast killing dreaded disease.


WHO: Plague Madagascar | 02-15 November 2017

the current outbreak is predominantly [60% +] pneumonic and is afflicting both endemic and non-endemic areas, including major urban centres such as Antananarivo (the capital city) and Toamaina (the port city).

… To date, no new cases of plague have been reported outside of Madagascar.

… When pneumonic plague is suspected a rapid resulting test is given to prevent death from this most deadly form of plague, killing within a 24 hour period.

Read more…


In a major effort to control the easy spreading of pneumonic plague, cautionary detailed instructions are given for the preparations of bodies for final burial.

For the reporting period (2 – 14 November 2017), any reflection suggesting increases in number of cases, includes cases already existing but had not yet been investigated and reported.

National risk is high, regional risk is moderate, global risk is low.


What’s ‘NEW’ according to sensational reporting:


WHO: New ‘Black Death’ Has No Cure –


The World Health Organization (WHO) has warned that a rare and deadly outbreak of the ‘Black Death’ (plague) could see billions of humans killed. 

Read more…


Excerpts from the above news cast:

  • The rare version of the plague, known as Marburg virus disease (MVD), is similar to Ebola and can be lethal in 90 per cent of cases.

    “rare version”? –there are no details defining a new/rare version of plague. If pneumonic plague is being referred to in this case, what is rare at the present time, it is the dominant (60% +) plague attacking the population of Madagascar presently.

  • Two thirds of the recorded cases in Madagascar are caused by the pneumonic plague, which can be spread through coughs and sneezes and without treatment, can kill within 24 hours.

… “pneumonic plague”; –”an kill within 24 hours” troubling and tragic as pneumonic plague is, killing within 24 hours, if not detected by a rapid testing medical examination technique, death will be the results. This is not new, quiet ancient history.

In the absence of details describing a new and ‘rare strain of bubonic plague, the title of this posting was most troubling. Pneumonic plague is the most deadly and must be diagnosed or determined in a very short window of time.
Not to over burden readers, and not to lose your attention, as soon as there is a creditable revelation of a new strain; –it will be immediately reported on this blog! Trust me!


Next posting:

–I will share a Congressional Testimony to a Congressional Committee of the USA Congress of a known cure for virus plagues.



Series I

Introduction – Dengue Fever;

is the kick-off point for this adverse, financially rewarding a Big Pharma scheme, that keeps paying off for more than a century now. The results has been, increased human suffering, especially marked by the avoidable deaths of babes, toddlers, and young children who will not live to see their teen years. Why? —“Designer Lab Killer Viruses & Plagues”[Series 1]

Yellow Fever, in the minds of the modern ‘Western’ world, has all but fallen into the dust bin of human forgetfulness, but we will get there too, in this blooming series.

From Dengue Fever we will fast forward to ebola and Zika next. Then leap right up-to-date to the latest promotional Designer Lab Killer Viruses & Plagues creation; — 7WHO: New Black Death’ Has No Cure – “BILLIONS Could Die”  Researching daily and watching various news sites seeking to confirm the “Billions Could Die”, I could not confirm the article after searching the official WHO site.  To compensate for this vital subject of ‘Black Death’ news, I’ve decided to write a posting of this episode, showing there appears to be no need to panic, or assume who may be making fake news of this critical subject.  I apologize for this necessary update.  Please continue reading.


Have all the viruses that plague us in these modern days, been the handiwork of God’s will or, also, –the will of human enterprising for one reason or another:


Prince Philip, In His Own Words:

We Need To 6Cull’ The Surplus Population. In the event that I am reincarnated, I would like to return as a deadly virus, in order to contribute something to solve over population”.

Duke of Edinburgh Prince Philip the Windsor Royal Nazi.

(emphasis added)

Be advised;

for the sake of brevity and keeping your interest, the use of Titled Paragraph­ing and diamond shaped bulleting of subject points will be utilized. Hope you will enjoy this format and comment to share in developing a useful and viable discussion for our common benefit.

Series I

Dengue Fever

265-420 AD – 1940 AD – (Wikipedia);


Dengue fever

Wikipedia –

The first record of a case of probable dengue fever is in a Chinese medical encyclopedia from the Jin Dynasty (265–420 AD) which referred to a “water poison” associated with flying insects.[6][65] The primary vector, A. aegypti, spread out of Africa in the 15th to 19th centuries due in part to increased globalization secondary to the slave trade.[17] There have been descriptions of epidemics in the 17th century, but the most plausible early reports of dengue epidemics are from 1779 and 1780, when an epidemic swept across Asia, Africa and North America.[6] From that time until 1940, epidemics were infrequent.[6]

In 1906, transmission by the Aedes mosquitoes was confirmed, and in 1907 dengue was the second disease (after yellow fever) that was shown to be caused by a virus.[11] Further investigations by John Burton Cleland and Joseph Franklin Siler completed the basic understanding of dengue transmission.[11]


The marked spread of dengue during and after the Second World War has been attributed to ecologic disruption. The same trends also led to the spread of different serotypes of the disease to new areas, and to the emergence of dengue hemorrhagic fever. This severe form of the disease was first reported in the Philippines in 1953; by the 1970s, it had become a major cause of child mortality and had emerged in the Pacific and the Americas.[6] Dengue hemorrhagic fever and dengue shock syndrome were first noted in Central and South America in 1981, as DENV-2 was contracted by people who had previously been infected with DENV-1 several years earlier.[22]


Out of Africa” –

‘out of’ followed by the continent name ‘Africa’; volumes could be written:

    • The primary vector, A. aegypti, spread out of Africa in the 15th to 19th centuries
    • due in part to increased globalization
    • secondary to the slave trade.[17]
    • out of viewed as, away (taken) from an forever exploited and often despised continent,
    • without going into great deal, Out Of Africa, the title of a movie based on romantic autobiographical accounts of Karen Blixen life in Africa from 1913 onward; —out of England, –becoming of Africa, –the out of and back to England; —almost a human parallel of what we are addressing here!


Ancient roots established;

–in regards to possible linkage to Chinese medical history, evolving on to the doorsteps of 17th century. We have learned, by now, in the wake of disdainful exploitation, can come not only great wealth, the emergence of great high society life-styles, embarrassing immoral standings of powerful nations; —these attributes will render grave penalties (viruses) not seen before our eyes at the times now past:


righteousness, justice, freedom, are not inheritanly personalty gifts of those who strive to live above all others for whatever (strange) purposes;

we are constantly taught and reminded; –all things constantly evolve, grow, shrink, give birth, live and die; –sounds like even my (maybe your) life too! For now?

Engineered mosqutoes

– carriers of –

Designer Lab Killer Viruses / Plagues”


1945 – 2014 (71) Dengue fever strikes Japan for first time since 1945

07 September 2014 by : PF Louis

(NaturalNews) A locally induced outbreak of dengue fever, the first since 1945, has occurred in Tokyo during the summer of 2014. It is a viral infection spread by specific mosquitoes: Aedes aegypt (yellow fever mosquto) and Aedes albopictus (Asian tiger mosquito).

Unlike other mosquitoes, they bite during the day, especially around early morning and dusk. Both species are small black mosquitoes with white stripes on their back and on their legs.

About dengue fever and possible remedies

There is officially no specific **pharmaceutical treatment for either form of dengue fever, and it takes time to recover fully without weakness. But a non-pharmaceutical antiviral extract of black elderberry proved to be much 1more efficient at handling the swine, or any other, flu than pharmaceutical Tamiflu.

(**but there are a host of natural remedies, even more simple than presented here)

(1without suffering long periods of weakness)

Elderberry doesn’t cause side effects, while the side effects from Tamiflu were so bad that it was banned in Japan. Raw elderberry plants contain a poisonous compound related to cyanide, so one should be careful to use a reliable, safe preparation from a known provider. While elderberry hasn’t been tested for effects in regard to dengue infections, it does have antiviral and antioxidant properties which may help improve one’s health.

Meanwhile, health officials cite progress in vaccine developments, just what mainstream medicine needs to further gamble with peoples’ lives, “protection” that may harm more than help. Other ignored solutions include mega-dose IV vitamin C or the more easily accessed oral liposomal vitamin C.

Mega-dose vitamin C in either form, the latter being more convenient and less expensive, has yet to come across a viral infection that it couldn’t handle, from the flu to viral pneumonia to polio, even among some on life support. But the medical mafia doesn’t want you to know that.

1946 – 1953 – Post war period

The United States initiated its weaponization efforts with disease vectors in 1953, focused on Plague-fleas, EEE-mosquitoes, and yellow fever – mosquitoes (OJ-AP).[citation needed] However, US medical scientists in occupied Japan undertook extensive research on insect vectors, with the assistance of former Unit 731 staff, as early as 1946.[45]

Cuba also accused the United States of spreading human and animal disease on their island nation.[55][56]



913 June 2012 Dengue Mosquitoes –as biological weapon

Abstract: Not many would think or accept that the AIDS virus was a man-made creation. Similarly, the swine flu, anthrax and various other pandemic flus have their origins in laboratories meaning they **have been created by man. We are slowly witnessing another epidemic of sorts in the dengue fever which causes flu-like symptoms but eventually leads to death if not treated in time. Unfortunately, there is *no real treatment for dengue. When other flus and virus’s have been created it should come as no surprise to treat dengue as a biowar weapon as well. Whether it is a man-made virus or not, dengue has become a threat to people around the world.

(*this is a grossly out-of-date statement –*emphasis added) [treatment/remedy should be viewed as one and the same]


To justify the reasoning that dengue is more than just a natural virus a look at declassified documents is the best option. Declassified documents in 1956 and 1958 reveal that the US army let loose swarms of *specially bred mosquitoes in Savannah, Georgia and Avon Park, Florida (Carver Village was *exclusively Black populated) to check whether these insects could be used as a biological weapon. The residents suffered from fevers, bronchitis, typhoid, encephalitis, stillbirths and even death. The Aedes Aegypti type is a perfect carrier of dengue fever. Is it a surprise that Cuba accuses US of targeting tobacco crops using blue mold, sugar cane crops using cane smut, livestock using African swine fever and Cuban population through dengue fever. In Nicaragua too in 1985 dengue fever struck affecting half of Managua and not surprisingly it was the first epidemic in the country.

(*emphasis added)


As a reward for your laboring through this posting this link Out Of Africa,Fly Over Africais for you to enjoy.


Series 2

Will address ebola & Zika viruses

to be posted by 24 November 2017

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