Diseased Mosquitoes Are Here – 2013 Is Approaching

Kim-- Alicia's Teen Son
Kim– Alicia’s Teen Son

Vital Questions As We Approach 2013:

  1. Are you annoyed in any manner when bitten by a mosquito?
  2. Once bitten, what do you do for a mosquito bite?
  3. Since mosquitoes lurk around screened front, back, or garage doors, what do you do for those pest, insects that make it through the screened first line of defence?
  4. If you use some type of mosquito repellent on exposed skin areas, would you mind telling us the brand name and other acceptable characteristics and ingredients of the product/s you use and why?
  5. There are many major concerns we have about our home living environment that we take seriously– is mosquito control one of them for you?
  6. Do you put any stock in natural alternative choices when it comes to protecting yourself, other family members, or even visitors, living or visiting in your home?
  7. Is the residual effective time a vital concern when choosing a topical repellent, store-bought, or a DIY formula a major concern?
  8. Has disease bearing mosquitoes invaded your community?
  9. Will you put forth, in 2013, any effort, in a different manner to combat the news released in this CDC Report?
  10. Have you, a member of your family, or someone in your community been struck by any of the diseases mosquitoes carry?

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It has often been said; “Never ask a question, you yourself, would never answer.” So since I’ve raised many question, looking towards the 2013 year, I choose to answer number #10. now.

  1. My wife’s son, pictured at the top of this page– was inflicted with Dengue Fever. At the time he was sixteen years of age, living with relatives in Leyte, Philippines. Our biggest concern was, would the doctor accept our wishes, and give him Camote Tea. The doctor, to our good fortune honored our wishes with this caution; “Do not give him tea brewed from the red vein leaf variety, only of the white vein leaf variety. The read leaf camote will comprise lab tests.” Camote tea raise blood platelet levels rapidly. More on this in feature postings.

Read item #7of this link, and be amazed– this is not the talk of the town, even in the civilized medical industry, as we know it!


I drink one cup of camote tea each morning while enjoying breakfast-- no sugar or sweeteners added.
I drink one cup of camote tea each morning while enjoying breakfast– no sugar or sweeteners added.

This is a picture of our ‘Peoples Victory Garden! You are looking at three planted rows, twelve plants each row, of camote (sweet-potato called in the USA).

It is my hope and wish, many of you will pick a number/s, as I did #10 and comment or address a question to this page.

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