Dengue cure – revealed to the world

Families need to know the truth-- there is a speedy cure for dengue!
Families need to know the truth– there is a speedy cure for dengue!

Reduce Family Sufferings & Needless Grief


Bury Dengue & The No Cure Myth!


Bury dengue fever & not our children!


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We did not know about papaya extract when Alicia's son fell prey to dengue fever.
We did not know about papaya extract when Alicia’s son fell prey to dengue fever.

This is the latest I’ve found of Doctor Sanath Hettige dengue cure application:

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Carica Red Lady Papaya Tree Leaves

(the most effective)



Q; How is the papaya fruit leaf juice prepared for consumption for the purpose of treatment of dengue?
A: Leaves from a fruit-bearing tree can be taken (the Red Lady Papaya variety which is more effective), it has to be washed with clean water and then crushed in a wooden pestle without water or salt. The crushed leaves are then to be squeezed by hand to extract the juice which can be consumed fresh once again, without water, salt or sugar.

Q; What is the quantity of the leaf extract that has to be taken for an adult and child respectively?

A: A quantity of 10 ml is prescribed for adults twice a day and 5ml twice a day for children aged between five and 12 years.

Q: Could you give the scientific explanation as to how papaya leaf extract is effective in curing dengue?

A: It does three main services – the leaf extract increases the white blood cells and blood platelets and normalizes the clotting profile which are the main aspects affected when infected with dengue. The most important factor is that it improves liver function too. The juice helps repair the damage caused to liver cells by dengue fever.

Q: At what stage should a patient consume papaya leaf extract?

A: It is best to consume it in the early stages of dengue haemorrhagic fever when the platelet count (PLT) drops below 150000 cu mm or when the packed cell volume is increased by 10 percent even though the World Health Organization (WHO) criteria to diagnose DHF is PLT of 100000 cu mm or Packed cell volume increase by 20 percent.

Papaya leaf juice has definite beneficial effects even when given to patients with very low platelet counts, altered clotting profiles and bleeding tendencies. But in the final stages of dengue, where multi-organ failure has set in, the beneficial effects are minimal. This is why the patients are advised to take papaya leaf juice early. When it is given early to patients, they recover fast, thus preventing the need for hospital admission. Most importantly, patients who have been identified as dengue-infected should first seek medical attention and take the juice along with the prescribed medication.

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