Globally sanctioned treatments (in ignorance) that kills innocent children!

The World Health Organization’s New 2009 publication, DENGUE GUIDELINES FOR DIAGNOSIS, TREATMENT, PREVENTION AND CONTROL should be immediately withdrawn from the internet.  It is in dire need of revision and critical updating to include input from advocacy groups and individuals who are demonstrably better informed of ancient and modern practices that will eliminate weeks to months of suffering.  Child deaths due to dengue fever will be remarkably reduced.

We grow camote (sweet potatoes) in our veggie garden.
We grow camote (sweet potatoes) in our veggie garden.

Natural alternatives, now receiving endorsement across wide channels of, world recognized, research institutions and medical professional publications, need to be prominently included in any revised edition. To do less than this, would be a continuance of endorsement of GLOBALLY SANCTIONED MALPRACTICE (in ignorance) THAT KILLS INNOCENT CHILDREN.

Short definition of Medical Malpractice:

  • Improper, unskilled, or negligent treatment of a patient by a physician, dentist, nurse, pharmacist, or other health care professional.

It is negligent treatment, in my opinion, when a medical professional, trained and assumed experienced in the treating and caring for patients with a confirmed diagnosis of dengue fever, are told; “There is no cure for dengue fever”.

Making my case on negligent behavior of medical professionals and world recognized institutions


(New edition 2009 – World Health Organization)

  • Introduction, Methodology, Acknowledgements, Abbreviations, Preface

PREFACE (underlining supplied by author)

paragraph 1. Since the second edition of Dengue haemorrhagic fever: diagnosis, treatment, prevention and control was published by the World Health Organization (WHO) in 1997, the magnitude of the dengue problem has increased dramatically and has extended geographically to many previously unaffected areas. It was then, and remains today, the most important arthropod-borne viral disease of humans.

Author notes:  According to my recent readings the above statement includes areas where it was once stamped out, such as in the USA.

  • Paragraph 3.This new edition has been produced to make widely available to health practitioners, laboratory personnel, those involved in vector control and other public health officials, a concise source of information of worldwide relevance on dengue. The guidelines provide updated practical information on the clinical management and delivery of clinical services; vector management and delivery of vector control services; laboratory diagnosis and diagnostic tests; and surveillance, emergency preparedness and response. Looking ahead, some indications of new and promising avenues of research are also described. Additional and more detailed specific guidance on the various specialist areas related to dengue are available from other sources in WHO and elsewhere,some of which are cited in the references.

Author notes:   If “updated practical information on the clinical management and delivery of

Kim drank camote tea and was ready for release from the hospital in just three days.
Kim drank camote tea and was ready for release from the hospital in just three days.

clinical services; vector management and delivery, etc. were or are being provided– we need to ask where is the information you can so freely access on my blog? Information we can all read that suggests recovery from dengue can be measured in days, beginning within the first 24/hrs.

  • Paragraph 4Acknowledgements”. These guidelines are the result of collaboration between the WHO Department of Control Neglected Tropical Diseases, the WHO Department of Epidemic and Pandemic Alert and Response, and the Special Programme for Research and Training in Tropical Diseases.

    Author notes: As usually is the case, input from the public, average citizens or citizen advocates and field institutions and organizations are not included in these high-minded circles of arrogant power-seated enclaves)


  • Paragraph 5 This publication is intended to contribute to prevention and control of the morbidity and mortality associated with dengue and to serve as an authoritative reference source for health workers and researchers. These guidelines are not intended to replace national guidelines but to assist in the development of national or regional guidelines. They are expected to remain valid for five years (until 2014), although developments in research could change their validity, since many aspects of the prevention and control of dengue are currently being investigated in a variety of studies. The guidelines contain the most up-to-date information at the time of writing. However, the results of studies are being published regularly and should be taken into account. To address this challenge, the guide is also available on the Internet and will be updated regularly by WHO.

Author notes:   Since 1997 the first report of this nature for the world public viewing– dengue has spread globally. Millions of people have been afflicted and the numbers will continue to increase expeditiously. There have been newspaper accounts of under-reporting, nothing new in that game of cards.

Paragraph 5 on this page is the cover your back all-inclusive with all options open to interpretation kind of statement. As the author of this blog– I challenge the WHO to a debate on my blog– immediately upon posting this online 14 March 2013 8PM Manila time).

2013 Join our efforts to stop degue killing our children!
2013 Join our efforts to stop dengue killing our children!

With each passing day, another innocent child has died a horrific death, leaving parents wondering– why?

As author of this blog, in the hope someone officially monitors public feedback for the WHO and is charged with reporting back to the WHO–

I move on to information rooted in ancient history, now rebirthing into the forefront of our modern age. Remedies with promising and most rewarding track records that shorten to hours, what other practices, which are not remedies, only prolongs by weeks and months. What is ignorantly sanctioned as treatments today, makes allowances for needless sufferings, and leads to premature graves.

It is past-time, for a public outcry for cures that do no harm and partner with our natural immune systems to bring about healing without any additionally harmful side-affects.

A brief listing of hope we need to bring to the world!

Sri Lanka Family Physician – 2008, 29, 17- 19

College of General Practitioners of Sri Lanka WEB


(Doctor Sanath Hettige reveals fast acting natural cure. I hope you appreciate the value of this first item.)

Twelve patients under my clinical care and fulfilling

the above inclusion criteria diagnosed as dengue fever

and declining hospital admission, were given a drink of

papaya leaf extract-

  • two 5ml doses at an 8 hour interval for

adults and two

  • 2.5 ml doses at an 8 hour interval for children

<10 years.

Before the treatment, the procedure and the

possible outcomes was explained to the patient. The

papaya leaf extract was prepared by

  • crushing two (2) tender fresh papaya leaves (not too young – not too mature,

using only the leafy part removing the stalks) and

  • squeezing the juice by hand. 
  • The juice was given for drinking without diluting. 

    Prior to the intake of papaya leaf juice, a sample of blood was obtained to determine

the white cell count, platelet count, alanine aminotransferase (ALT) and packed cell volume.

A second sample of blood was obtained, the next day, to determine the white cell count,

platelet count, ALT and PCV. Tests were done using an automated system and confirmed


British Medical journal

14 July 2011

(article reflects 2008 & 2011) Medical doctor observes home treatments for dengue fever.

Dengue: an escalating problem

Re:Papaya leaves for speedy rise of platelet count in Dengue

Dear editor: After my first published article, on the effect of Carica papaya leaf juice on dengue fever patient in Sri Lanka Family Physician – 2008, 29, 17-19 and details about this research in the independent medical association news letter of Srilanka , there was a wide publicity to these findings in the local and international media.

Times Of India

12 December 2012

(artricle states platelets and white blood cells are regenerated)

Home cure for dengue death sting

The juice of the humble papaya leaf has been seen to arrest the destruction of platelets that has been the cause for so many deaths this dengue season. Ayurveda researchers have found that enzymes in the papaya leaf can fight a host of viral infections, not just dengue, and can help regenerate platelets and white blood cells.

Times Of India

20 December 2012

(cure endorsed by King Institute Of Preventive Medicine And Research)

Neem-papaya juice passes dengue test

CHENNAI: After more than 37,000 dengue cases, including 227 which resulted in death, across India, a grandma’s antidote for the virus seems to be getting scientific endorsement. An herbal concoction — juice of papaya leaf, common neem and hill neem — being given to dengue patients in government hospitals in Tamil Nadu has been found to have anti-viral properties. Tests conducted at the King Institute of Preventive Medicine found that the Siddha preparation brought down symptoms and speeded up the recovery of patients.

Natural Solution Lifestyle

29 July 2012

(seven natural remedies including camote tea)


7. SWEET POTATO GREENS / CAMOTE TOPS –   Sweet Potato Tops is rich in antioxidants (polyphenolics) which can boost our immune system and may able to fight even against cancer and cardiovascular diseases. It can help improve  platelet counts like Tawa-tawa.

Let me tweak your interest in the power of papaya tea! What papaya will do for cancer, why not so for dengue fever?

University Of Florida News

9 March 2010 (old news)

UF researchers find cancer-fighting properties in papaya tea

GAINESVILLE, FL. — The humble papaya is gaining credibility in Western medicine for anticancer powers that folk cultures have recognized for generations.

University of Florida researcher Dr. Nam Dang, and colleagues in Japan have documented papaya’s dramatic anticancer effect against a broad range of lab-grown tumors, including cancers of the cervix, breast, liver, lung and pancreas. The researchers used an extract made from dried papaya leaves, and the anticancer effects were stronger when cells received larger doses of the tea.

Even weeds have healing powers. Tawa tawa (not pictured here) is well known in the Philippines as a remedy for dengue fever.
Even weeds have healing powers. Tawa tawa (not pictured here) is well-known in the Philippines as a remedy for dengue fever.

Now to summarize and conclude this posting with a personal dengue encounter.

My wife’s teen son, Ken, of his own choosing decided he wanted to live with relatives in Leyte. This was brought to my attention after the fact, when he did not return home Monday for school. Rather than go to school, he almost failed 6th grade because he spent many school days mornings gaming at internet cafes. Since I insisted he stay in school, he chose to live with an aunt on another island.

Ken came down with dengue fever. Immediately I told my wife to send word to his aunt and tell the doctor let him drink camote tea. The doctor approved with the sole reservation, do not use the camote (sweet potato) tops that have the red tinted leaves.

Ken drank the tea, and in three days he was ready for discharge but was held two additional days until we could wire transfer the full hospital bill payment due before discharge. (Hope the WHO is reading this too.)

The doctor said he recovered quickly because he drank a lot of water. Maybe the doctor overlooked the fact that camote leaves were boiled in that water.

In my next posting, I will be more aggressive on what I see as medical malpractice as a non-professional health-care consumer of services that carries the weight of life and death.

Advocating the findings of Doctor Sanath Hettige

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Disclaimer: As a Great-grandfather family webmaster, what I share should never be accepted as being medical advice, merely a sharing of easily researchable links for the purpose of educational sharing in the public interest.

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