Help wanted from WHO & CDC – 2013 Bury Dengue Fever And Not Our Children

It's time the WHO & CDC truly serve the public interest and recognized endorsed natural cures for dengue fever!
It’s time the WHO & CDC truly serve the public interest and recognize endorsed natural cures for dengue fever!

If the Board Of Directors and policy makers of the World Health Organization and the Centers For Disease Control would read the Sri Lanka Family Physician, British Medical Journal, two editions of the Times Of India, Times Of India, we could in 2013 Bury Dengue Fever & Not Our Children.

  • It is quite apparent, the WHO and CDC do not read renowned professional health journals, findings of world recognized research institutions, nor newspapers known around the world. If they did, thousands of children would not have suffered the torturous outdated treatments, some suffering unto death, that they sanction almost as if they were not to be called into question.

  • It is quite apparent, the WHO and the CDC have turned a blind eye to, and have demonstrated grave disrespect for, scientific published facts, that endorse natural cures for dengue fever, capable of being implemented as home cures.

  • It is quite apparent, the WHO and the CDC completely ignores any nonpatentable cures for dengue, or maybe, any other ailments or diseases too.

  • It is quite apparent, the WHO and the CDC has not heard of, or chooses to be in feigned ignorance of, the papaya leaf extract cure for dengue fever and proven anti-viral properties of such natural alternatives.

  • It is quite apparent, the WHO and the CDC does not intend to retract their support of the lie; “There is no cure for dengue fever– thus they are condoning what appears to me to be a gross worldwide sanctioned and protected malpractice.

  • It is quite apparent, it is past time to hold agencies, whether they be government, public, private, NGO, or professional health-care practitioners, that dares tell anyone; “There is no cure for dengue fever”, they are supporting malpractice in ignorance or perhaps in an arrogant bigoted state of advising and administering treatments to any uniformed patients.

  • It is quite apparent, many across the spectrum of professional, political, and community leaders– view dengue fever as mainly being a menace mostly of the world’s poorer classes, who do not live surrounded by air-conditioned environments.

  • It is quite apparent, that treatment of the poor, do not receive the same level of even outdated treatments as administered in upper-class hospitals and treatment centers who serve wealthy clientele.


Even weeds have healing powers. Tawa tawa (not pictured here) is well known in the Philippines as a remedy for dengue fever.
Even weeds have healing powers. Tawa tawa (not pictured here) is well-known in the Philippines as a remedy for dengue fever.

For my own sense of dignity I will end this posting for now. It is not so much anger that I feel that I author this blog, it is the deep remorse when I think, in the face of many known natural anti-viral cures for dengue fever– children are suffering for long periods of time, some have even died since placing these words for your eyes to read.

Maybe I can reserve my anger and emotional outbursts, until the day, the WHO and the CDC remove from all their public distributions, misinformation that condones what I see as, fortifying outdated torturous treatments which serve no other purpose than to exponentially increase weeks of suffering and body counts, even of innocent young children and infants.

On the day the WHO and CDC makes the decision, to stop their public misinformation in regards to dengue fever, I will find a door to kick down, restore it to a better state than its original installation. As being a specialist in the science of hanging residential doors, this would be constructive direction of controlled anger, venting pent-up anger over knowing families are losing multiple young siblings, infants, and other family members at an increasing rate.

I’ve already suffered the curse of losing three brothers and one sister to aids. A mother to excessive alcohol and glamorous cigarette smoking, a father not worthy of mention. I will not be idle in the face of what is possible– 2013 Bury Dengue / Not Our Children!

My challenge to the governing boards and policy makers of the WHO and the CDC– catch up on your readings! I’m weary of people telling me about children who have died a needless death.

Children are not aware of what dangers lurk in shadey places.
Innocent children sharing a treat in the shade…

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