Home treatments for dengue fever are now well known news… why are you not informed?

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This is a first hand account of a person, after getting a diagnosis of dengue fever, decided to research her options to alternatives.  Weeks and maybe months of suffering was spared because she had some concerns of the professional counsel given to her.  Not knowing natural cures, even simple to follow ones, send too many to premature graves.

Following the article caption title below, click on the link– Dengue Fever: Symptoms And Home Treatment Tips..

Dengue Fever : Symptoms and Home Treatment Tips

27 January 2013

I don’t know how familiar you are with Dengue Fever.

I know before I had it, I knew very little about it.


I thought just in case any of you need the info too, here’s a little more about Dengue Fever, and what I myself experienced in those first few days.

Dengue Fever : Symptoms and Home Treatment Tips | Our Everyday Things

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