Asia knows the natural dengue cures | Why all the prolong suffering and preventalbe deaths?

Asia Knows The Cures

The first experience with dengue fever opens the door for future strains of dengue fever. Here I share information that is easily researched and verifiable. Until this information reaches the doorsteps of those most endangered the needless torturous sufferings and deaths will not cease!

Since 2008 Doctor Sanath Hettige MBBS, DFM, MCGP, MD, discovered what is now known as the Papaya Leaf Extract Cure (PLXC):

Twelve patients under my clinical care and fulfilling the above inclusion criteria diagnosed as dengue fever and declining hospital admission, were given a drink of papaya leaf extract-

  • two 5ml doses at an 8 hour interval for adults and

  • two 2.5ml doses at an 8 hour interval for children <10 years.

Before the treatment, the procedure and the possible outcomes was explained to the patient. The papaya leaf extract was prepared by

  • crushing two (2) tender fresh papaya leaves (not to young – not to mature,

  • using only the leafy part removing the stalks) and

  • squeezing the juice by hand.

  • The juice was given for drinking without diluting.

Prior to the intake of papaya leaf juice, a sample of blood was obtained to determine the white cell count, platelet count, alanine aminotransferase (ALT) and packed cell volume. A second sample of blood was obtained, the next day to determine the white cell count, platelet count, ALT and PCV. Tests were done using an automated system and confirmed manually”.

In 2012, The Times Of India reported the PLXC had been scientifically researched and validated by the King Institute Of Preventative Medicine And Research, and Ayurveda Researchers respectfully:

The Papaya Leaf Extract Cure is known to many scientific entities and medical institutions, including medical practitioners– so, we have the right to be given truthful and honest answers to these four questions:

  • Why the overcrowding burden on medical treatment center resulting in 2 or 3 patients sharing beds in some areas?

  • Why the spreading of this fragile disease, easily maintained and cured rapidly by the PLXC?

  • If the PLXC can be done as a home remedy, then why is it not taught within local resident community centers, even at the very doorsteps of all citizens poor or rich?

  • Why do we tolerate the needless long torturous sufferings of innocent children and infants whose lives seem to be of no value or concern to the world?

There is even a more simple cure yet, camote tea, sweet potato being the more universal name for camote. Even though camote tea has not yet reached the level of scientific endorsements, I name it as being the Camote Tea Cure (CTC):

  • Study

    Among all the other plants, research studies have shown that Camote tops may be used as a remedy to Dengue fever. It is said to help increase platelet counts that would help recover from Dengue. Camote tops can also be used to treat other diseases or sicknesses like diabetes, heart disease, cancer particularly colon and stomach cancer, problems on bowel movement and high blood pressure.

You need only to:

  • wash leaves of the sweet potato,

  • boil 5/minutes,

  • pour into a cup and let cool if fever is present,

  • 3x/day, add nothing to the tea, drink as brewed for as many days deemed necessary. (disclaimer this is not to be accepted as medical advice. Always consult with a medical professional you have trust in).

When my wife’s teen son contracted dengue fever, the attending physician consented to allow Kim to drink CT. In just 3/days he was ready for discharge. He was kept in the hospital an additional 2/days until we were able to wire transfer the full payment for his hospital bill.

My first exposure to camote tea, was reading in the Inquirer Philippine newspaper, and the article was not related to dengue fever. A patient experiencing a long hospital stay because the staff could not stabilize his blood platelets, finally consented to drink camote tea suggested by a senior family member. In just a few short days he was discharged. The PLXC, and the CTC, both rapidly raise platelet and white blood cell counts. Even of more value, both build up and fortify your own bodies immune system.

If we citizens of the world, once we learn these facts, we have a right to repeat the four questions asked above and yet unanswered.

Advocating the findings of Doctor Sanath Hettige

About PLXC-CTC Dengue Remedies

Let the sunshine in,/Nicasio Martineznm

Truth is a gem you have to search out, deeply and far beyond readily available institutions that assail your ears, eyes, thoughts, feelings, and emotions.

Disclaimer: As a Great-grandfather family webmaster, what I share should never be accepted as being medical advice, merely a sharing of easily researchable links for the purpose of educational sharing in the public interest.

You should research for yourself and make your best intelligent decisions— even before or after consulting with medical professionals who have earned your trust. /Nicasio Martinez

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  1. Thank you for sharing this. Every time I see a spotted mosquito gives me goose bumps. Any chance you know anything about Leishmanosis? In this area we live in, both dengue and papalomoya are skyrocketing this year.


    1. Sharing the two simlist of cures for dengue fever is extremely important to me. The camote tea (CT) is truly a healthy beverage, preventative and cure for many illness too. Where are you from and are sweet potatoes and their leaves available to you?

      CT researchers are revealing new finding of late. This is why I advocate CT, and I appreciate the aroma and taste, which is enhanced adding lemon grass.

      On occasion I have killed the ‘tiger mosquito in the house. I am not a medical professional but I will search Leishmanosis and paplomoya. If you have information to share that would be great. Thank you for posting your comment.


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        On your blog posts, I see G+, WP share blog post and email the post. You could as well add Tweeter and Facebook buttons for more sharing options for your readers and better exposure for your blog.
        I already have several people asking me how to prepare that papaya leaf tea or juice. It appears we have a papaya growing in the neighborhood.


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