Breaking the dengue sound barrier- Asian countries know the natural cures for dengue fever why the ever escalating illnesses and deaths?

Were there not two cures, PLXC and CTC, known in small measure amongst indigenous populations around the world, and PLXC being recently scientifically researched and endorsed as a home cure, I’m at a loss to understand the unjustifiable ever escalation of dengue fever, especially in Asian nations.

PLXC is a simple cure. It’s cheap and easily affordable to governments, and to informed citizens, almost free.

CTC cure is the simplist of the two. Very few are so challenged that they could not possible brew a pot of tea from the leaves of camote, known as sweet potato in many countries. It is my sincere belief, camote tea will soon be awarded the same level of scientific endorsements as PLXC.

I might better understand the dilemma of reigning in dengue fever as compared to what has been done to keep polio and malaria in check in all but Asian and African countries, where the will of the world seems to always weaken. “Why is that”? PLXC and CTC are cheap cures, almost free!

As a citizen of the world, if there is a cure for any disease, I have the right to know about it. The medical professionals whom we may have given our trust, should be duty bound that we not suffer in ignorance. Taking into consideration, cures are as close as our family gardens or growing as weeds in our ignorance of the facts.

Despite the unchecked sufferings and deaths in India, in some areas of India, people have become aware that papaya leaves are a source of healing dengue. Plant and tree nurseries, and wherever papaya trees are in bloom, bearing fruit, there are now shortages, and you best believe, profiteering will raise its ugly head soon. I hope not. Profits, or the lack thereof has always ruled in our modern medicine cartel.

What has happened in India? The dengue sound barrier of silence has been broken through. What a blessing. After all, the PLXC as we know it to be today, was revealed to the world by Dr. Sanath Hettige in the year 2008. Dr. Hettige practice and advocacy has both roots deeply planted in Sri Lanka.

Too many conventional Asian practitioners, not so surprisingly, still turn their noises up into the polluted air of conventional medical practices, and arrogantly dispute the validity of the PLXC. This is unforgivable, unimaginable, unconscionable, when the world’s outstanding natural cures come from Asian, African, Indian, Sri Lankan, Malaysian, and Chinese nations.

How many have paid with their lives, since this information has not been adopted by conventional medicine in the western world. Is this not malpractice in the highest degree? Will conventional practitioners, at some point, be held accountable? I guess we are waiting for the WHO, CDC, and the FDA, who excel at threatening and attempting to shut down information that serves the true publics interests, if it conflicts with for profiteering interests.

It is hopeful, the big three, WHO, CDC, and the FDA will read and honor the findings of board certified researchers and naturopathic medical practitioners. Breaking the dengue sound barrier, simply implies the need to cease the suppression of natural alternatives when in truth, contemporary medicine learns and builds, and sometimes corrupts medicines with thousands of years of history.

I’ve been blessed, not harassed by the big three, to share my opinions since  November 2012. Let us pray such freedom will last the rest of my senior years, 75/years  and counting as of today. Let us hope the WHO, CDC, and FDA will finally read and give their blessings to PLXC and CTC.

Advocating the findings of Doctor Sanath Hettige

About PLXC-CTC Dengue Remedies

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