Breaking the dengue Sound Barrier- “I have a dream to share”

Outlining A Dream

The Red Lady Community Resources Incubator Center

Sharing A Dream – Introduction

This is a first public sharing of outlining of a dream- ‘Burying dengue fever, not ourselves, not infants, not children, not seniors! By what possible means will this dream find life? By establishing a Carica (Red Lady) Papaya Tree Plantation.

Bill Gates Advocacy

In keeping with the best intentions of a Bill Gates advocacy; meeting dire social needs by establishing enterprising solutions to resolve pressing human concerns and challenges. A seed is yearning to break ground; the Red Lady Community Resources Incubator Center (RLCRIC).

Great-grandfather webmaster

As the family Great-grandfather webmaster of, I’ve made the decision to share with you, a dream to purchase2306 square meters, or more, of farm land in the Philippines. It is our intent to establish a self-supporting and self-perpetuating Carica Papaya Tree plantation.

Started Early 2012

During the early months of 2012, as a Bucket List Of Dream Wishes, I encouraged our family members to become proactive to join in the war against dengue fever. At first WordPress seemed to challenging, but after months of trying other services,  on 25 November 2012,  returning to PLX-CTC Dengue Remedies became firmly rooted linked to

Welcome – Thousands Have Visited

If you have not yet read our Welcome static page, you’ve missed a vital opportunity to share in the heartbeat and pulse of our blog. The volume of words contained in this outline will not reveal what is most pressing sparing children and seniors, long periods of sufferings and possible premature and untimely deaths when they contract dengue fever.

The Developing Outline Follows

Your input, in the form of suggestions, comments, and by all means, constructive criticisms, are whole heartedly welcomed and invited. Sharing this, “I feel a great burden has been lifted”, six words borrowed from the movie As Good As It Gets”. Get vocal with us, and help us develop a program that will win public support to get it off the ground.

Red Lady Community Resources Incubator – Daan Bantayan 6013


First Draft Outline 13 November 2013

Mission Statement

Enrich the lives of infants and children, up to age eighteen, and seniors, age 50 and above. Enhancing and enabling young children and senior citizens to experience the best possible healthy environments, once understanding and compensating for the lack of adequate life supporting resources within their own neighborhoods and surrounding regions.


Purchase land close to a population center that will directly benefit from the self-supporting, self-perpetuating enterprising aspirations of RLCRI. Teaching life-skills attributes that will incorporate and reflect the cultural wisdom of senior resident members residing within communities of greatest need being the primary targeted populations.

Inviting Public Input

You, the reader, please make suggestions as they would best enhance the purposes of the Red Lady Community Resources Incubator to enrich and enhance the lives of infants, children, and seniors that reside in communities of great needs.

Land Purchase

In keeping with the Bill Gates advocacy of meeting dire social needs by establishing enterprising solutions, in this case, purchasing 2306 square meters of farm land in the Philippines, on which to establish a self-supporting Carica Papaya Tree Plantation (CPTP);

  • P500.00/($11.90USD) per square meter x 2306 square meters

  • total needed $27,441.00USD

Infants, Children, Seniors

Purchasing the land is the vital first step towards our mission to eliminate the long periods of sufferings and even deaths of innocent infants and young children, and seniors, who contract dengue fever. A purposed name for this undertaking is; Red Lady Community Resources Incubator Center – Daan Bantayan. The proposed resource center will be developed into a world class advocacy to reverse the trend of the growing world menace of dengue fever.

Carica (Red Lady) Papaya Trees

A fruit bearing Carica Papaya Tree is the tree of first choice when ingesting the leaves, seeds, or eating the fruit for delectable delights. The tree is a source for preventative and healing teas and medicines. To validate this claim we attach three links without making extensive comments:

Local Leadership Blessings

We are seeking the blessings of the Vice-Mayor, and other local officials.

Note:   To be continued, reflecting your input which we know will help us realize this dream.

Advocating the findings of Doctor Sanath Hettige

About PLXC-CTC Dengue Remedies

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