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Tawa tawa for dengue fever… Doctor smirks in disdain…

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Viruses Dead End Here!

sanath hettige 2013 at DuckDuckGo.  (select News 5E Tawa tawa)

If you do not speak Cebuano or Tagalog, listen through until the medical doctors speak in English.  What is most important is the hesitancy to give credit to tawa tawa which is well known to some in the Philippines. The doctors are the voice of the establishment that is why dengue fever is winning the battle to rob thousands of their health and set them up for any one of the other types of dengue fever.

Listen to the disdain in the doctor voice and the smirk on his face.  Using tawa tawa, papaya leaf extract, or camote tea, used as soon as even fever is present, will eliminate the need for any type of IV therapy and even aid in the discontinuance of such treatments.  How do I know this, ask Doctor Sanath Hettige.

The words anecdotal, not…

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