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Thank you Dan! Ebola like Dengue are beatable!

Ebola brought me back full-steam ahead. Why?

Because being a virus, it must be beatable and that makes plenty common sense, at least to me, if not to you or the greater public.

Since I was once criticized by a comment, I repeat myself often– let me not break with that tradition totally. Dengue fever and other viruses close to it and others not even close like cancer, succumb, to treatments derived from papaya, camote, and tawa tawa too, the big three with me. I grow all three in my food garden.

Alicia watering a very young papaya tree-- a source of for virus killing teas.

Alicia watering a very young papaya tree– a source of for virus killing teas.

Well get this. My dog eats camote every day as a main stay, chicken or fish added into his meal. His digestive system does not tolerate rice. After a visit to the vet, I researched on-line. It was there I read a simple fact, camote (sweet potato) was used in some can dog foods. Everyone comments how healthy my dog looks and they ask me his breed. I tell them;

Would you believe Jumper eats camote too?

“Would you believe Jumper eats camote too”?

“Jumper is from just up the street, he is Philippine born and raised”.

Here in the Philippines, rice is a staple which you can not escape from, even animals; free range or kept as house or forever outdoor neighbor pets. Dogs and cats are fed rice whether they are free roaming or house pets, much like chickens that I constantly chase out of our food garden. We now have a growing young kitten that loves chasing the chickens, what a great thing to watch.

Teas prepared from either of my big three sources for vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and antivirals, naturally rich in high content and extremely potent at that, not only keeps me healthy at age 76/years, but served to cure; yes! …you’ve read it in many places in this blog, dengue fever when it attacked my wife’s teen son, he was cured by drinking camote tea.

'Young papaya leaves taken from the plant before it becomes a tree, have a significantly higher amount of alkaloids.

‘Young papaya leaves taken from the plant before it becomes a tree, have a significantly higher amount of alkaloids.

There has been much talk of colloidal silver and such as a cure for Ebola– well I know it must be expensive and hard to find in my neck of the woods, but I’m not beyond believing what is said of its potential to cure anything. But, believe me, if I found a convenient source, which I have not searched out yet, and affordable maybe with a bit of budget sacrificing, I might take it too, because life is often not about what is convenient.

Truth is a gem we much search for to make wise decisions to gurard our wellbeing.

Truth is a gem we much search for to make wise decisions to guard our well-being.

Thank you Dan… Your prompt ‘Like’ was most gratifying and I hope you will post a comment too.

My next posting will be a ‘Press This’ article from a very dedicated person who calls himself; “Health Ranger”. He has dedicated his efforts to bring the unpopular news and sources you will not read about in the news media because, “What is not for money, and especially greed inspired, will not be in your local newspaper”, and I welcome exceptions to be brought to my attention and the attention of blog readers.

Again– Ebola pushed me over the edge; “But I’m not fearing anything, just better preparing myself and sharing what I know, what about you?

A life saving alert:

If you live in the Philippines, as I do, or in any tropical region in Asia where Papaya Trees grow, you need to click this link and learn a viable home cure for dengue fever today!!



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