Ebola and Dengue Fever are of the heamorrhagic virus family | they share the same: “No cure” wrongful diagnosis

Misinformation  (shared deliberately or in ignorance can be deadly)

  • There is no cure for Ebola”.
  • There is no cure for Dengue Fever”.

A mother, watching the pediatrician examining her new born baby, may be given an ill fated diagnosis; “There is no cure”.

A very feeble senior citizen has been under hospital care 4/days but vital organs have not yet begin to fail; yet relatives are told; “There is no cure”.

There is no cure”; four words, parroted as if they have been academically imprinted by some means of higher professional sanctioned methodology.

It is sadly true, as of this posting, in comptemporary medicine, there are no cures for either Ebola or Dengue Fever. But that is not the all conclusive end of this posting.

Truth lost in healthcare realms

Having the advantage of memory and looking back over 76/years; “Truth is the first casualty when avaricious greed enters into any pursuit, healthcare is not exempt. When money concerns are placed above the common good of average citizens, a high price is paid within our family circles. Diagnosis, treatment, or therapy, in regards to Ebola or Dengue Fever, have been stagnant.

In just a few months from now, Big Pharma is striving to roll out a fast forward vaccine, aimed to be on a global scale, for Ebola, much more deadly that Dengue, which has been on the drawing board for more than 75/years. Are we being fed mis/dis-information by tons and tons of newsprint rolling off the worldwide presses. (some media ask; “Why so much opposition)

Ebola presents an opportunity

Ebola has given us a great opportunity to resolve these four words; “There is no cure”–

Silver Sol 10ppm ( SS10ppm) without denoting a brand name such as, Nano or Guardian, is a nutrient, not a drug, not a medicine. SS10ppm as it relates to Ebola is being used as a remedy, not a treatment. Putting the specific aside, it does what contemporary medicine most often is not designed to do– fortify the human immune system.

Keeping all things simple, why would any agency attack the use of SS10ppm when it has such an illustrious history until it was paired up with Ebola, and now, has resulted in citizens of Africa ‘getting well’.

Cure is a sacred word, banned in all thing naturally alternative.

Ebola has given us an excellent opportunity to squash even Dengue Fever for which there are many already known natural cures which go unheeded to this day. Very sad! It I time justice be done and truth prevail in all things of healthcare.

When it comes to speaking of Dengue, I think of the babies and children.

African citizens, with their blood sacrifice, have paid an all to precious a price, helping us to learn and know the truth.

Injustices (can make or break people and nations)

As one who was wrongly expelled from Morris High School, in Bronx, New York City USA, I will not attempt to make arguments in defense of my love for natural alternatives, but ask those of you that have the endowment of higher learning, professionals in health and other scientific fields to come to the forefront now, you are sorely needed.

Lies, mis/dis-information, willful or blindfolded ignorance– with Ebola let us put and end to this engineered Ebola madness.

Are there more ‘mad scientist’ working to destroy human society than scientist who contribute to the well-being of all humanity? What say you?

Attached Info Graphic (reveals it all – study it)

The info graphic photo tells the whole story. Finally some newspaper accounts are appearing to pull back the coverings of the many layers of less than truthful or factual information published in MSM.

Natural Solutions Foundation

NSF, of which I have no connection, is the charitable organization that supplied Nano Silver Sol 10ppm to Sierra Leone, and immediately came under attack by the FDA and FTC. There is a legal court battle going on at this moment to defend truth. Dr. Rima as she is known, is under great personal and professional attack for helping to save more than 500 lives and counting upward each passing day.

Congressional Testimony was given to Congress on the astounding virus killing powers of Silver Sol 10ppm, marketed in many other brand names beside Nano Silver.

The info graphic photo, studied, will do more than millions of words. The involved government agencies, and military branches know Ebola is a cure. So! When will the play acting end. Or would we be asking for the hastening of further more drastic acts, by bringing the curtain down on Ebola all to soon– like now!

Let’s on Twitter, Facebook, and by all legal means possible, demand a stop to the play acting; Please! For the sake of new born babies and seniors of varying ages let us embrace and not impede a nutrient that fortifies our own immune systems.

See the attached typed transcript of an email said to have some merit. Not being a professional in health, academic, or scientific disciplines, I’ve done my best to save lives within the next 24/48 hours from the time you read this. It is possible, only have faith!

Nicasio MartinezNM /grandfather webmaster / senior1938voice.wordpress.com

Twitter ID: Dengue_Warrior

attached info graphic to follow & re-typed Email

Please note the different government and military agencies in the clipped image.
Please note the different government and military agencies in the clipped image.

re-typed Email follows

Re- Typed transcript of email for public interest & right to know.

A document already in the public domain.


Subject: FW: Request for Information

Date: 08:33 AM EDT, 08/11/14

From: DTRA Public Affairs <DTRA PublicAffairs@DTRA.MIL>

CC: EFOIA <EFOIA@dra.mil>

Excerpts from Email of 08/11/14


I believe this was an Air Force lab research project that was presented at a

DTRA scientific/technical review conference back in 2009 – the used our cover slide

perhaps because the dunding for that project came through DTRA’s R&D dictorate,

but the research and the presentation was done by Air Force personnel at Wright-Patterson Air

Force Base, and if they have the original report from 2009, it was cleared and

they could probably more easily share it with you – or, you can ask if the

presenters are still there, and see if there are any developments that are/can

be cleared for public release and shared with you. The Public Affairs office

there can be reached at 88abw.??@?????.af.mil <(illegible) or (937)522-3252, and they might

have better sense of what can/cannot be shared, or what may have already been

published – there are a lot of POCs on the main AFRL page.

http://ww.w??fb.afmil/???/index.asp <illegible)

Dan Gaffney, Public Affairs


One Team, One Mission

W (7030767-6868 / BB (571)275-9088

PA Office (800)701-5096