Conquering cancer, dengue fever, and much more – we need truth!

Time — truths be told and shared!

Q. Is cancer a virus?

A. “Tumor formation is not an evolutionary adaptation for any human tumor virus discovered thus far, and when viral tumors occur, they are biological accidents. There are seven established human cancer viruses (HIV is also considered a cancer virus(emphasis added)

Q. Is dengue fever a virus?

A. Dengue Fever Life Cycle – Dengue virus has sophisticated mechanisms for entering a cell, for replicating its RNA genome, and for translating proteins.

Now that we have clearly established cancer to be a virus, dengue being well know for ages and ages as being such;

Q. Is there any justification for either of these diseases, and mind you; — a host of others, to reach epidemic proportions anywhere around the globe?

A. When we are told there is no known cure ( or therapy) for these two and other viral diseases is that justification?

Q. Are there natural alternatives that have been known online and in the international media that would have put an end to the fears associated with these and other viral diseases?

A. Yes!! See the suggested links at the end of this posting with there individual comments.

When I posted Congressional Testimony holds the key to Ebola & Dengue Fever cures and so much more! –the purpose being, to show there are proven means that should have removed these two virus diseases from the epidemic sphere ages ago.

If you take the time to read postings at, using tags of interest to you, it will keep from making this just another long worded posting. But! I will conclude this posting links with short comments:


Links to great virus killer — sparing none! <– this site has developed over the past few years to be one of the greatest information sources relating to the awesome power of papaya leaves as a healing source (virus killer) for cancer, dengue, and other viral diseases, beyond a shadow of a doubt… []


The Times Of India <– Even though the papaya leaf extract is a known cure (even home cure) in this entire region of Asia, why do they still have epidemic spreading of dengue fever; –you comment and tell me?!

Silver Sol 10 PPM <– Not to be confused with the old home formulas. This can only be done by scientifically manufacuturing labs. Ebola or cancer, both are viruses.

When you know the great virus killers, plants, solutions, or appliance, there is no reason for virus epidemics, viruses can not stand what is shared here; let’s not forget to mention vitamin C thereapies too… []

Advanced (home prep) Colloidal Silver <– This replaces the older methods of home preparations and gives a greater particle break down by giantic proportions. Research these known virus killers, it is a means of maintaining, recovering, your maximum health potentials. []

British Medical Journal & Dr. Sanath Hettige <– Successful therpies have been known and suppressed for ages. Here is but one example. Dr. Hettige even suggested papaya leaf extract should be considered to address the ebola virus. []


Vital information: There is a disclaimer statement on this blog. In short, I’m a retired from a career as a cabinetmaker, rough & finish carpenter, with employable computer skills in the past, and doing my part to spread the truth that is in front of our noses but being discouraged to research and explore the possibilities………… none of this should be taken as medical advice, it is only for sharing educational information. You and I are advised to seek professional council before making medical and other life changing decisions. No need for a whole lot of words, is there.

Please comment: In no way I am connected to earn income from any of these posting. The store never got off the ground 😦 I’ve tried my best to be brief giving some directions to find truths for yourself and others…….. Heaven’s blessings to all….. /Senior Voice 1938

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    1. Truth in the pursuit of health, make the difference in the quality of life we live. At age 80 now, I’ve watched to many of my friends set and place their prescription meds in the daily dosage pill boxes. Not one of those meds fed their immune system.


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