Madagascar: Has population ‘CULLING’ been ignited?

Searching the official WHO website, for any hints, clues, and facts that would show there is something ‘NEW’ plaguing under Madagascar skies; –Nothing!  Or is it (NEW) hidden?

Searching the word ‘new’ in the WHO posting further down this page, yielded no results.

Let’s seek out any factual, hidden or in full view, or combination thereof, informa­tion that should justify moving towards hysteria, or alerted peace of mind.

When I read below, the brazen, daring, and almost certain death Title Bar and viewed the photo;
WHO: New ‘Black Death’ Has No Cure – “BILLIONS Could Die”








I almost flipped. Rapidly walked to my closest neighbor’s house and began to let it all out.

“Mumps, Dengue Fever, Ebola, Zika, whatever, were only dress rehearses! They’ve found the ideal population culling virus”!


Madagascar plague: mitigating the risk of re­gional spreading

WHO November 2017 –


Assessing risk – Days after being alerted to the plague outbreak in Madagascar, WHO conducted an assessment to determine the risk of further spread. Taking into account the country’s capacities and vulnerabilities, the assessment found that the overall risk of further spread at the national level was high, at the re­gional level was moderate, and at the global level was low.

Being ready to act, preventing panic – Plague is one of the oldest – and most feared – of all diseases. Historically, plague has been responsible for widespread pandemics with high mortality. It was known as the “Black Death” during the four­teenth century, causing more than 50 million deaths in Europe.
1Nowadays, plague is easily prevented and treated with antibiotics if detected early enough, and infection can be prevented through the use of standard precau­tions.


WHO; –now a few days in passing; –nothing ‘NEW’ here!  There is no appearance of the word ‘NEW’ in the WHO linked four page article above.

At this point, this posting ends to be followed, wherein, we will pick up the “NEW” word. There’s no intent to demean or make light of the horrific nightmare tragedy that’s being experienced by the citizens of Madagascar, and nine other surrounding countries.

What’s ‘NEW’? Are we, in this world witnessing; –What? This is a burden on my/our hearts and minds, because there may be suggestions or motives in play, that we are not privileged to be in a position to know.

Please share your comments and help us understand the grave crisis…

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