Being a concern great-great concerned grandfather, living even perhaps to be even greater in my care for others…

Personal musings . . .

If you have somehow found your way to this site I apologize. This was my very first attempt at a blog but I didn’t like it so I deleted it.  Or rather I thought I did. Intrepid people still find their way here. So I thought I should leave something for them to read.  There is nothing worse than anticipation left unfulfilled. So a little something . . . .

Whoosh is the sound

Of a life passing by

But wait just a minute

I beg to defy

Whoosh is the sound

That I hear in my head

As I flit between poems

And stuff that I’ve read

Short stories and quips

A thought just erupted

Came right to my brain

Perhaps I’ve corrupted

An idea for a story, oh wait

That’s a quip

Now whoosh it is gone

Not right for this trip

Oh look there’s a sale


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