Open Online Letter To The Times Of India Dengue – Cure Or No Cure

We need your help to put to rest the myth; “There is no cure for dengue fever”. We have been reading in TOI and other publications such as the British Medical Journal, even Doctor Sanath Hettige since 2012 is still advocating his discovery that papaya leaf extract is a sure cure for dengue fever.

We at have been hopeful since 2012, that the long sufferings of especially innocent babies and young children would have by this time and date would cease.

We are at a mind’s loss to understand, why are there still epidemics. Certainly some prestigious entity, government agency, NGO’s, or even finally, some international corporation/s that benefit from children who ask their parents to be taken to such; –someone with honorable standing in the world’s government and markets – it istime they help stop the ‘no cure’ myth for dengue fever.

As a world citizen, age 81, it saddens me that natural cures are shouted down by the several alphabet agencies with great success. Pharmaceutical demonstrated failures in all my 81 years of living, have accomplished nothing to stop the deaths of the most innocent of world citizen – except – stand in the way of natural scientific medicine, research that supports cures that can be easily found in home gardens, along roadside edges, and weeds that grow wild, especially in All Of Asia, where this is common knowledge to many.

I wish I could confess, this Open Letter was written in a spirit of love only – but the grave concern can not and should not be masked by flowering words. Kindness — having written in the Contact Us and Comments of online medias, I am sad to say; –none of us who have done these heart rendering moments of sharing have stopped the march of suffering and death of thousands, perhaps millions, all being the children of some caring mother and father.

In the public interest, for now, I will rest my words; –I’m deeply concerned!

This is not my first Open Online Letter, / NM

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