Typhoon Tisoy (Kammuri) will blow in this Monday evening

This 20 December 2019 early morning, unlike Typhoon Yolanda, 08 November 2013, I’ll be talking her online about Tisoy already declared a super typhoon with winds maximum winds of 140 km/h and gustsiness up to 170 km/h..

During Yolanda my wife suggested we go to another house in our complex. Cautiously walking towards the window, peeping out a corner edge, I said; “They don’t have a roof”. I told her go sit by the CR, which was to the back of our duplex. Yolanda came in at 08:00 AM and was finished by noon. It moved rapidly.

Will Tisoy (Kammuri) move rapidly? Currently moving at 20 km/h, will reach our area just south of Bicol in the evening (Monday) December 2. RAPPLER news media has all the details.

Time is moving so I” post this now.

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