Why is Greta Thunburg not talking about DLKV – coronavirus, dengue fever, or ebola pollution’s?

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  • Are not Designer Lab Killer Viruses (DLKV) pollution’s a world concern?
  • Think – the cures for Designer Lab Killer Viruses are known before they are inadvertently escape into the world domain.
  • These are not sudden mishaps; they are studied years in advance – to use or to counter.
  • Who – if ever, have been held accountable for these ‘inadvertent’, undisclosed mysterious mishaps?
  • Each passing day, citizens are being awaken that natural alternatives have outstripped patent medicine in life & death needs for healing – not just maintenance calming down of symptoms that will lead to other health failures.
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In Conclusion

Why is Greta Thunburg not talking about coronavirus, dengue fever, ebola, or any DLKV pollution’s

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