Coroavirus (COVID-19)? expert; “People don’t die of influenza, they die of vitamin C deficiency – view and save lives now

The amazing story of a New Zealand dairy farmer who caught swine flu and very nearly died.

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Intensive care specialists were all set to pull him off life support, saying there was no hope. But his family refused to give up. They demanded the doctors try high doses of Vitamin C, a radical treatment well outside mainstream medicine. The hospital told them it wouldn’t work but the family insisted. It turned into a fight, the family even hired a top lawyer. But in the end, as Melanie Reid will show you, the farmer is now very much alive.

Since this story broke, New Zealanders have been clamouring for intravenous Vitamin C treatments, only to be met with resistance from many hospitals. Professor Ian Brighthope MD (also interviewed for Food Matters) says “people are dying because of the attitude of the medical profession” (emphasis added)

NZ Farmer Beats Swine Flu With Vitamin C

Captured screenshots:

SV1938 comment: The hospital felt there was no need to prolong Mr. Smith’s inevitable death.

SV1938 comment: The hospital authority sates; “never shown [vitamin C] any benefit effect on influenza, including H1N1”

5.28 Vitamin C never been shown to have benefit from the treatment of any sort of influenza, including H1N1. There will be no circumstances where in____ will be given high doses of vitamin C

5.41 has been no convincing evidence at all …that it works

5.57 we as a group believe it is harmful

6.20 we are not in the business of raising false hopes

6.22 we are in the business of being real and being honest

6.23 – 6.34 in the presence of vitamin c people will be laughing at those doctors, and will be disgusted with the whole system here in New Zealand

6.46 “People don’t die of swine flu, they die of a chronic vitmamin C deficency

7.53 – 8:05 it doesn’t work because they haven’t tried it; it doesn’t work because they’ve been told it doesn’t work; this is a major myth in the medical profession that needs to be debunked once and for all; people are dying because of the attitude of the medical professional

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Vital bulleted notes that will updated at a future date into this posting

MetadicholR Induced High Levels of Vitamin C: Case Studies
Received Date: Aug 14, 2017 | Accepted Date: Sep 05, 2017 | Published Date: Sep 19, 2017

Vitamin C
Excerpts from article:

  • vitamin C is a ubiquitous key nutrient (present everywhere in the body)
  • humans do not have the ability to produce and synthesize vitamin C in their bodies
  • must obtain it from food sources
  • Humans lack the L-Gluconolactone oxidase (GULO) enzyme that completes the last enzymatic step of synthesis of vitamin C from glucose
  • VC is essential to maintain a sensitive balance in the functioning of the organs in the body

It participates in the:

  • hydrolysis of individual amino acids, the
  • formation of collagen necessary for body growth,
  • tissue repair and wound healing,
  • synthesis of the hormone adrenaline (epinephrine) and the
  • hydroxylation of anti-inflammatory steroids in
  • the adrenal gland,
  • iron and copper metabolism, and
  • folic acid metabolism,
  • related to the metabolism of the vitamins A, E, Bl and B12 [4].

The concentrations of total ascorbic acid reduced and oxidized forms of ascorbic acid decline with age [5].


All the main immune system cell lines function reaches peak performance levels when there are adequate vitamin C levels in plasma. Vitamin C depletion leads to inflammation or infection. This is why blood levels of vitamin C drop during times of disease or infection. There is a need to keep Vitamin C levels higher than what is achievable by oral dosing. At normal levels of Vitamin C, one does not see the effects that are seen when one reaches higher levels of Vitamin C as observed in plasma with Metadichol. IV infusion of Vitamin C does allow for higher levels to be reached, but that is not a practical solution and is more useful in life threatening illnesses. Metadichol by binding to VDR could serve as a useful surrogate of Vitamin C a leading to in leading to higher levels in plasma and rectifying diseases.

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