Coronavirus masked scam clown Fauci and ilk, using MSMM, continues, promotes second wave – “What’s next”?

Source: GATEWAY PUNDIT – Dr. Scott Atlas Destroys Dr. Fauci and C…

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Dr. Atlas made five points in describing the coronavirus and the absurb response to the pandemic by Dr. Fauci and the CDC.

1.) The evidence shows the fatality rate is much less, maybe one-tenth, of what was originally estimated at 3.4%. And the reality is for people under 60 the mortality rate is less than or equal to the common flu!

2.) The second fact is we know who to protect. The elderly and immuno-compromised are most at risk. Those Americans in nursing homes need to be protected.

3.) By isolating every single person and avoiding human contact you have literally eliminated the best method to accomplish population immunity.

4.) Americans are dying because they’re not going to the hospital to get the medical care for things other than COVID-19. The policy of lockdown is killing people.

5.) Society must function. The cure here is worse than the disease.

Jesse Watters made a good point, “It’s unbelievable how the politicians don’t look at the new data and make different decisions”.


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