Coronavirus .40 USD cure, out of the heart of Africa, will decades of influenzas dead end now? WHO fights for Big Pharma interests

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Source: ScienceDirectArtemisia annua is a medicinal plant whose use has long been reported in China, where it is locally known as qinghao.

Excerpts from published science paper:

From: Fighting Multidrug Resistance with Herbal Extracts, Essential Oils and their Components, 2013

Harnessing Traditional Knowledge to Treat Existing and Emerging Infectious Diseases in Africa

Artemisia Species (Asteraceae)

Artemisia annua is a medicinal plant whose use has long been reported in China, where it is locally known as qinghao. It is now grown commercially in many African countries. Also known as Sweet wormwood, A. annua yields artemisinin and the derivatives of this compound are potent antimalarial drugs. Artemisinin is an endoperoxide sesquiterpene lactone that is effective against multidrug-resistant malaria and is also known to act on P. falciparum, the Plasmodium species that causes cerebral malaria. The clinical efficacy of this drug and its derivatives is demonstrated by an *immediate and rapid reduction of parasitemia following treatment [23]. Since the WHO recommended the use of artemisinin-based combination therapies for malaria in 2001, a number of other forms of A. annua L. have appeared as antimalarial remedies, including tea bags made from the plant’s leaves. (*bold emphasis added) Source: ScienceDirect

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Adding to our tag (good news), we now tag (good science), so we can do our part to break the vicious induced ‘fear panic’, which has no justification at all. Let good news and good science be spread beyond this blog with your help; please…

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Source: New PunchDemand For Madagascar’s Coronavirus Remedy Grows…

Excerpt from article:

Several countries in Africa are placing orders for Madagascar’s plant-based COVID-19 remedy, despite warnings from the World Health Organization that its efficacy is unproven.


We encourage you not only to read both this (good science) tag & (good news) tag posting, but of all articles we’ve published since our efforts to inform NSS10ppm was the natural and established cure for Ebola, but suppressed – let’s not let this discovery, experience the same fate at the hands of the WHO. Please share this posting. It should go viral…

You have both the science paper document source, and the news article sources, and the link to our previous posting of the Madagascar $.40 (cent) cure:


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