Coronavirus lockdown breeding grounds don’t work, follow the money, JP Morgan knows

(good news – truth)

source: Conservative Review – Horowitz: Analysis from J.P. Morgan shows lockdowns don’t help

Limited excerpts from news article:

It’s now settled fact, based on reams of data from nearly every Western country, that lockdowns do not work. In fact, given that most countries implemented them long after peak transmission of the virus, they likely created mini breeding grounds by locking down more family members together indoors for an extended period of time. Now J.P. Morgan researchers have released data analysis that demonstrates what we have seen in Georgia, Florida, and so many other states: states that ended the lockdown earlier fared better.

Yesterday, CNBC reporter Carl Quintanilla posted diagrams prepared by J.P. Morgan plotting the rate of infection by state for those that eased restrictions. Contrary to predictions by the media, who seem to have a religious faith in lockdowns, the numbers have actually gone down in nearly all those states.

This is a vital read — source: Conservative Review


How true; “Follow the money” – who benefited most from this crime against global humanity?

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