Coronavirus and Protests; A Change Is Gonna Come, yes it will, it’s been a long time coming (56 years) Nos. 1, 2

No.1 Once in a while, we’ve done music tributes, well, here we are experiencing almost globally, changes that have been coming, for a long time. Singer–song writer Sam Cooke is the author and producer of this seeming to be both historic and prophetic song, dating back to 1964, 56 years ago.

We will be presenting at least four versions of this song, because those who have shared their talents, from deep devotion and passion, will touch us according to our own lives and experiences. Here is version No. 1.:

This a reflective song that seemed to predate the 50s and is strikingly fitting today

This song will have deep spiritual messages, different for each of us, most of all there is a message of hope – because a change is gonna come, and it will be different for each one of use. Collectively we can gaze to the heavens above and know the change we desire, hold on, it will come:

As a music tribute, this rendition by father and son; gives us a reflective moment to consider the age we now live:

No. 2 Thomas & Brian Owen; father and son

We want to share versions of this remarkable message in song, because each rendition will convey important historical moments that we can treasure and build strength for trying days ahead.

I hope you will make comments that we may know which version may have touch you in some meaningful way:

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One thought on “Coronavirus and Protests; A Change Is Gonna Come, yes it will, it’s been a long time coming (56 years) Nos. 1, 2

  1. So true. A change must come and as you said it will be different for each of us. I love the song. The first one did not play but the second is great. A change must come even if the Lord Jesus Himself will return to make the change. Thank you for visiting my blog and commenting on my post. You are much appreciated.


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