Breaking Self-Imposed Silence: Trump nor Satin will tell you this – “Situation Update, Dec. 5th – Operation Warp Speed is a CCP-engineered conspiracy to cause mass vaccine casualties across the United States military”

Are you still asleep? Wake up the enemy is at our gates and thriving... Covid like face masks are perils we must face and resist -- today...

A caring team

Going silent on COVID-19 until 01 January 2021 – but natures life-saving information against Designer Lab Killer Viruses (DLKV) is abundant in pages and post at

Doctor Malcolm Kendrick is one of the rare famous medical doctors who dare bare the truth to save our lives from the Designer Lab Killer Viruses (DLKV) - past, present, and ever evolving...

COVID-19; 88 patients, medical doctors – family members, and caregivers – Zinc + Azithromycin early treatment saves lives

When will the world's public finally wake up that you won't read of cures of almost any disease in MSM sources? ...that is, unless huge profits are to be made.

Coronavirus and Protests; A Change Is Gonna Come, yes it will, it’s been a long time coming (56 years) Nos. 1, 2

A major change has taken place, from coronavirus MSM now floods the world with news of peaceful demonstrations co-opted by violent forces.

Coronavirus .40 USD cure, out of the heart of Africa, will decades of influenzas dead end now? WHO fights for Big Pharma interests

Just as WHO suppressed NSS10ppm as a known cure for Ebola, it now launches attempt to suppress an African suggested plant-cure for coronaviurs

Hydroxychloroquine: President Trump takes drug for “a couple weeks” – obviously 6000 doctors would declare; ‘You lead by example’

6000 doctors would not be surprised that President Trump has been taking Hydroxychloroquine; "a couple weeks"