Coronavirus .40 USD cure, out of the heart of Africa, will decades of influenzas dead end now? WHO fights for Big Pharma interests

Just as WHO suppressed NSS10ppm as a known cure for Ebola, it now launches attempt to suppress an African suggested plant-cure for coronaviurs

Hydroxychloroquine: President Trump takes drug for “a couple weeks” – obviously 6000 doctors would declare; ‘You lead by example’

6000 doctors would not be surprised that President Trump has been taking Hydroxychloroquine; "a couple weeks"

Trust COVID-19 vaccine? “We’ll just get rid of all Whites in the United States” Dr Carol Baker, CDC Chair of Advisory Committee on Immunization spoke out in 2016 – “are we sheep”?

If you ever wondered why novel viruses continue to debut from Designer Lab Killer Viruses (DLKV), Dr Carol Baker helps to provide that information, back in 2016, mind you!

Pittsburgh Coronavirus Researcher Murdered Close to ‘Very Significant Findings’

The murder of Bing Liu is a tragic execution of a valuable young life. We should all mourn his death. What has become of our thoughts of accountability, the sacredness of life. Now we are all targets of the evil intents of the powerful elite, now in plain sight for all to see.